Best Recipes with Minimal Ingredients: Perfect for a Quarantine

Best Recipes with Minimal Ingredients: Perfect for a Quarantine. If you are like millions of Americans across the country partaking in some level of quarantine, you are likely getting a little antsy for this thing to be done. While Covid-19 has affected our country and the health of the citizens, it is time to be resourceful and smart. One thing you are likely noticing is the limited food selection in grocery stores and your need to become creative in the kitchen.

The Staples

First, here is a list of staples one would assume you likely have in your kitchen at the moment. The goal here is to be flexible and toss out the door those high-end phrases we can live without for the moment (i.e. organic, grass fed, etc.) After looking at these recipes, vegetarians will have a huge advantage as this is the kind of menu that speaks to them, however fear not if you are a meat eater. These meals are still packed with protein without losing out on flavor. 

  • Pasta: Any shape, any size and any brand will do in this apocalyptic type world we are finding ourselves in. 
  • Canned tuna: Packed in oil or water, there’s no judgment here. 
  • Canned tomatoes: Diced, crushed or whole is fine. 
  • Beans: Any type of bean, whether dried or canned is fine. Keep in mind, dried beans require a soaking time if you do not have an Instapot. 
  • Broth: For meat eaters, this is where you can get your meat fill. Chicken broth is a great contender for most recipes. 
  • Rice: If you can find a bag, grab what you can, although brown rice does contain more fiber to keep you feeling fuller, longer.  
  • Bread: Pick whatever is available and don’t forget that you can freeze part of it if you do not think you will eat it quick enough. 
  • Jarred pickles, olives or sun-dried: These items are great for a kick of flavor: 
  • Spices: A variety of spices and dried herbs are essentially for spicing up dinner. 
  • Freezer veggies: Peas, carrots, corn, squash and other veggies will complete your meals. 


  1. Quick Pasta and Chickpeas
    This is a very quick dish to whip up that is hearty and packed with flavor. The nice part is that you can add additional flavors if you have them in your kitchen (i.e. Parmesan cheese or your favorite Italian seasoning not listed), but the dish doesn’t lack without it. 
  2. Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Pasta
    One thing these recipes do not lack is flavor. This pasta dish is both simple and satisfying. It can be kept vegan, or vegetarian if you wish to add cheese. If you want to add meat to this dish, it would go well with a smoked sausage or kielbasa. 
  3. Taco Soup
    During a quarantine, soup is going to come in handy. You can make a boat load of soup with very minimal ingredients. The beauty with a taco soup is that you can literally use any type of canned or dried beans you enjoy, or a combination of a few. This simple recipe is both tasty and filling. It is another vegetarian recipe that can easily be turned into a meat dish by adding ground beef if you have it. You can also use any combination of garnishes the recipe offers if you also happen to have them. 
  4. Chickpea Salad Sandwich
    Yet another simple, versatile recipe to add to your collection. The chickpea salad sandwich requires no meat and can easily turn vegan by swapping out the mayonnaise for vegenaise and vegan bread. 
  5. Tuna Noodle Casserole
    Tuna will come in handy during these quarantine times. You can spice it up with additional toppings like Parmesan cheese, crushed red pepper, dill weed, lemon pepper and thyme. And if you do not have Ritz crackers, you can swap it out for bread crumbs or panko. 
  6. Roasted Red Pepper Pasta and White Bean
    Another hearty pasta dish, this one packs a punch with delicious roasted red peppers as the stand out flavor. Choose white beans or chickpeas and not one will judge you for using jarred roasted red peppers. 
  7. Tuna Pasta Salad
    This recipe has a short list of ingredients and quick cook time. Who knows, this simple tuna pasta salad might become a staple even after the quarantine is over with. 
  8. Curry Lentil Soup
    A soup to satisfy anyone’s soul, this curry lentil soup is a must try during these times. It is a great plant based meal for vegetarians and meat eaters alike. 
  9. Red Beans and Rice
    Both cheap and simple, this red beans and rice will do the trick during the quarantine. 
  10. Bonus! Dessert
    You don’t need to be left quarantined without a sugary treat. Try these simple, 3-ingredient chocolate cereal treats.