Best Halloween Movies

There’s nothing more terrifying than watching a favorite Halloween movie this October. The problem is, there are so many to choose from and so little time, how will you fit them all in? Have no fear, this is a breakdown of some great flicks from different categories to ensure you can fit them all in before the scariest night of the year. Do you dare to try it? Here are what we consider the best Halloween movies to watch this month. 

The Cult Classics:

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – The original version was released in 1974 and is still full of terror to this day. With two siblings and their friends being attacked by a family of cannibals, this one should not be watched alone. 

Evil Dead – Released in 1981, this horror flick follows a group of friends that unknowingly release demons deep in the woods of Tennessee.

Rocky Horror Picture Show – It is a campy favorite that has a great balance of frightful themes, humor, and outrageous costumes. It gets wild with catchy tunes that have you humming along all night long.

Night of the Living Dead – This film is a staple for zombie fans. The original is in black and white, but don’t forget to catch the color release in 1990.

The Exorcist – A possessed young girl, exorcisms and projectile vomit sums up the Exorcist in so many words.

Halloween – There are many versions and sequels of this title, but it helps to start with the 1978 original. Watch as the Michael Myers character unfolds into a bloodthirsty murderer. 

Hitchcock’s Psycho – Often parodied and referenced throughout cinema, Psycho is definitely a cult classic thriller that takes place at the Bates Motel. 

Amityville Horror – Imagine purchasing a home that is haunted by combative, supernatural beings. If this sounds scary, then this is the movie for you. 

Fun Halloween Flicks

Perhaps you are looking for a little less gore and a little more fun for Halloween. These fun Halloween flicks might give you a bit of jump, but can be handled by just about any crowd.

Hocus Pocus – A diabolical trio of witches is awakened from the 17th century, wreaking havoc on Salem.

Practical Magic – A romantic comedy with witches cracking jokes over magical potions and love spells.

Edward Scissorhands – A fantasy romance film directed by Tim Burton, this one is creepy and terrifyingly interesting.

The Addams Family – A fictional household comprised of bizarre and frightening characters that do the oddest things.

Ghostbusters- Three former parapsychology professors take their skills to the street as they perform ghost removal services for the city of New York.

Beetlejuice – Another Tim Burton film, Beetlejuice takes you on a journey as spirits of a deceased couple are harassed by the new occupants of their home. 

Halloween Cartoons for the Family

These films are fun for the whole family.

It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown – The Peanuts gang almost perfectly captures the Halloween spirit. 

Hotel Transylvania – Drama and comedy ensue when a human discovers Dracula’s faraway resort for monsters and other mythical creatures.

Corpse Bride – A young man accidentally marries a ghost and the rest is history.

Frankenweenie – It’s a clever twist on the famous Frankenstein movie. 

Harry Potter – This whole series is perfect for the Halloween season. 

In conclusion, these movies are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to some of the best movies to watch during Halloween. Some are horrifying, while others are full of comedy. There is something for everyone.