Auto Title Loan With No Income

Getting an auto title loan with no income can seem like an impossible task. However, there are opportunities available to help you.
Here are a few things you should know.

How can you get an auto title loan with no income?

You do not have to show proof of employment to get an auto title loan through some providers. Though most people believe that it is a necessary step to bring in a paycheck stub or other proof of employment, that is not always the case. Keep in mind that when you are asked to show proof of income, that does not mean you have to show proof of employment – the two are separate. The goal here is to understand that you still need to have some source of income but you do not have to show us proof of employment. So, how does that work?

What types of proof of income can help you to get an auto title loan?

There are different types of proof that we may be able to accept. Some of the following sources of income may help you: (?As long as the pay will be continuing through the term of your loan we can generally be quite flexible on these pay types as long as you can show documentation of the length of payments and amount.?)

  • Social Security benefits you are receiving
  • Workers’ compensation funds
  • Under the table income
  • Annuities
  • Funds from an inheritance
  • Money from a trust
  • Money from a settlement you’ve been awarded
  • Severance pay from a past employer

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Which Of These May Help You Get an Auto Title Loan with No Income?

We encourage you to provide us with any information you can to show that you have some form of income available to you. We understand that not everyone has a traditional job that provides them with the money they live off of or a traditional paycheck stub. We may be able to help you. Here are some examples of how we can help you secure the auto title loan.

What Is Under the Table Income?

Many times, people who work for an employer do not receive a traditional paycheck stub. Often, their employer gives them cash for the work they are doing. If you are paid in this way you will need to show a tax statement from the prior year or 6 months of bank statements. It is also helpful that your employer signs a letter that shows your name, the services that you are providing to the employer, and the amount of money that you receive for those services, however, this is not required. We do not need the letter to include any details about how you are paid. We accept this type of letter as long as your bank statements show that you are making cash deposits for the amount of income you are receiving or about that much.

How Do Social Security Benefits Work?

If you are receiving Social Security benefits, we can use that as proof of income to provide you with the auto title loan you need. These benefits come from a retirement program from the federal government, state programs, or even a pension. They are funds that are given to you each month, in most cases. You can provide us with the benefits statement that you received from the provider to show that you have proof of income.

How Do Annuities Work?

Some of our clients receive annuities, which typically have a steady income received by the individual over a period of time. If you are receiving an annuity, then we encourage you to use the statements you receive as your proof of income. You will need the award letter showing the terms and expiration date.

We Can Use Inheritance and Trusts as Well

Some people receive a trust payment or money from an inheritance that they are using for income. If you are paid like this, on a regular basis, we may be able to use those sources of funds as proof of income. You will need to show us the statements and a letter showing the terms and expiration date.

Court-Ordered Monetary Settlements Work, Too

If you receive any type of one-time payment settlement we are unable to issue a loan. However, if you are receiving any compensation from a court-ordered monetary settlement, let us know. That may be coming from a lawsuit, for example, and the funds may be being paid to you over time. You may be able to get an auto title loan with no income if you are receiving funds like this. This also applies to workers’ compensation claims you may be receiving routine payment from due to your injury.

We can use severance pay or workers compensation

In many cases, we are able to issue a title loan if you have severance pay or workers’ compensation pay. If you are receiving these forms of payment you will need to provide us with a letter showing the terms and expiration date.

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