Arizona’s Most Haunted Places

If rattlesnakes, scorpions, and gila monsters weren’t scary enough, Arizona is also home to some haunted places that are downright bone-chilling. With a history rich in Wild West shootouts, famous battles, and settlers desperate to find gold, silver, and copper, there is definitely something to give you a fright here. If you think you are brave enough to tour some of Arizona’s scariest frights, your experience can begin right here. Enjoy Arizona’s Most Haunted Places. 

Orpheum Theatre

You do not have to travel any farther than Downtown Phoenix for some scary sights and paranormal activity. Constructed in 1929, the Orpheum Theatre is home to some amazing performances, including those of the paranormal kind. The most famous is that of “Maddie” who has been known to tap guests on the shoulder and shush people as well. She’s known to be wandering about the balcony area. There are at least four ghosts that reside at the theatre, making it a prime location for ghost chasers and paranormal experts alike. Be sure to catch a ghost tour so you can get a close encounter with the darkest corners of this facility. 

Hotel San Carlos

Also located in Downtown Phoenix, Hotel San Carlos offers its own unique history of bone-chilling frights. This hotel is no stranger to famous guests like Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable, and Carole Lombard. However, the most famous guests are those that are from another realm. There is the legend of a woman, Leone Jensen, who jumped to her death from the hotel roof back in the 1920s. The rumors of her death include jumping due to a broken heart, being ill, and being pushed. 

Her ghost haunts the premise, along with that of a little girl that hotel employees gossip about. She is often heard crying while visiting different rooms at night.

Rossan House

Ghost sightings have also been reported at the Rossan House in Downtown Phoenix. There is no explanation for doors locking automatically, heat emitting from cold fireplaces, and footsteps clanking down the stairs. The beautiful Victorian home was constructed in 1985 and stands today as a creepy museum. The former caretaker was shot and killed here and that seems to be the only explanation. 

Hotel Congress

Downtown Tucson also has its fair share of bone-chilling activity. Hotel Congress, in particular, was once home to gamblers and gangsters during the 1920s. Specifically, it has been reported that rooms 219 and 220 hold the most hopes for paranormal activity when you visit. 

Others claim that the spirit of a man named Vince, who died at the hotel from a heart attack is a frequent visitor in the bar area. These ghosts might not be super scary, but they have been known to be tricksters. 

Hotel Monte Vista

Located in Flagstaff, Hotel Monte Vista has given visitors quite a fright. Staff and guests report the feeling that a dead bandit is responsible for eerie happenings around the bar area, like a voice saying “hello” or “good morning.” With the hotel’s history of bootlegging, shootings, and drunken brawls, no one can say for sure who is up to the hauntings here. 

Other phenomena reported here include furniture being moved around, sudden ghostly appearances, and music playing in the lobby when no band is present. In room 210, phantom bellboy Zane Grey has been known to show up. He will knock on the door announcing service has arrived, but nobody appears to be in the hallway. There are more rooms with haunting stories that are bound to give you a fright.

Jerome Grand Hotel

It’s been reported that as many as 9000 people died in the Jerome Grand Hotel and that is because it was originally a hospital. It lay abandoned for 40 years before being completely renovated and reopened in 1994. Ever since then, hotel guests have made some striking reports. These have included things like hearing voices and a hospital gurney being pushed down the hallway when no one was there. The third floor specifically gets spooky as many deaths occurred there due to it being the operating room. When you are done sifting through all that residual spookiness, head over to the Haunted Hamburger for more spooks and food. 

Yuma Territorial Prison

Thieves, murders and polygamists made up the majority of the prisoners who were housed at the Yuma Territorial Prison. Over 111 prisoners lost their lives there and it makes for one frightening history. Today, visitors report feeling chills when passing by cell 14 where prisoner John Ryan committed suicide. The Dark Cell is another creepy location where rowdy convicts were housed when they got out of line. Many prisoners lost their minds in that place and are likely the reason it feels so spooky. 

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the most haunted places in all of Arizona that will leave you chilled to the bone. There is no guarantee you will have a paranormal encounter. It is up to you to find the courage to visit these sites to see if these stories hold true.