Arizona Day Trips

Are you ready to hit the road and really experience all that Arizona has to offer? The good news is that there are plenty of day trips you can take to see what the state is really all about. In fact, there are 12 Arizona day trips, one for each month of the year that you can start trying out right now. Check these out:

January: Flagstaff

Perhaps the best place in all of Arizona to experience winter, Flagstaff has no shortage of cold-weather activities. It consists of diverse terrain, indoor activities, and tons of outdoor adventures. Here are some of the activities you can expect to do in January when you take a day trip to Flagstaff:

  • Go skiing at Arizona Snowbowl
  • Snowshoeing on high altitude trails
  • Enjoy a warm cup of coffee or cocoa at a local shop
  • Cross country ski at Nordic Village
  • Go sledding
  • Take a wintry scenic drive or walk

February: Sedona

Sedona has many scenic areas and gorgeous trails to hike. Specifically, when you take a day trip, be sure to check out Bell Rock. It is definitely a huge attraction but holds true to its majestic nature. The rock formation is rumored to harbor powerful energy vortexes on its summit. You can come just for pictures or stay for the New Age movement.

March: Page

Page, Arizona is not a very big town and there might not be a ton to do, but there is definitely one stop you need to make. In March, you should make your way to Antelope Canyon. It is a breathtaking canyon carved out of sandstone walls creating an ethereal feeling. For this venture, you must take a guided tour.

April: The Grand Canyon

A day trip to the Grand Canyon is a must for any resident or visitor to Arizona. It is one of the seven wonders of the world and for good reason. The views are beyond spectacular and you can enjoy several more activities in addition to hiking you can go horseback riding, camping, rafting and more. April tends to have some of the best weather for visiting The Grand Canyon.

May: Apache Junction

Want to spend a day in the Wild West? Come May, you should take a day trip to Apache Junction and visit the famous Goldfield Mine Town. There are shops, historic buildings, and museums to explore. You can get caught up in an old fashioned gun battle, hop aboard the train or enjoy a ghost tour. There is literally something to do from open to close.

June: Arizona/Utah Border

The drive might be a bit far, but the scenery will definitely be worth it. Near the Arizona/Utah border is something called The Wave. It is a magnificent red sandstone formation that will remind you of sand dunes. The landscape is delicate, so you will need a permit to be on the grounds.

July: Tombstone

The home of the O.K. Corral with remnants of Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, and the Clanton Brothers, Tombstone, Arizona is where the Wild West is at. You can walk along the main drag of Tombstone along the old wooden boardwalks, have a drink in an old fashioned saloon, and be on the lookout for a Wild West style shootout.

August: Campe Verde

Montezuma Castle National Monument can be found in Camp Verde, Arizona and it makes for a great day trip in August. Montezuma Castle has nothing to do with Montezuma, nor is it technically a castle. This castle is actually a very well preserved cliff dwelling spanning over 800 years. It is a 20 room high-rise apartment nestled into a towering cliff of limestone. The structure receives its name from early settlers that assumed it was built by the Aztec ruler, Montezuma, so the name stuck. It’s a pretty neat sight to see. 

September: Winslow

Roughly 30 minutes just outside of Winslow, Arizona is the world’s largest and also best-preserved meteor crater. This meteor crash site measures over 150 feet across at its largest fragment and is thought to be over 50,000 years old.

October: Tucson

There’s a lot to see and do in Tucson, but one stop you must make is to the Airplane Boneyard. After all, it is October and a time to get a little creeped out. The graveyard is home to over 4000 decommissioned military and NASA aircraft. 

November: Clarkdale

Taking a fall ride on the Verde Canyon Railroad is a relaxing 4-hour ride through the rugged canyon wilderness. You can see the season change by beautiful leaves on the trees and perhaps catch a seasonal event that will make your ride even more special.

December: Prescott

You can end the year with a day trip to Prescott in December. Prescott is charming, full of holiday cheer and dazzling lights. You can enjoy live entertainment, craft fairs, parades and so much more.