April Fools

April Fools’ Day is just around the corner and that means get ready to be pranked or become the prankster yourself. You can make a good, light-hearted joke that your friends, family or co-workers won’t soon forget. It can be both harmless and hysterical all the same time. Are you ready to join in with a few April Fools’ pranks?

April Fools’ Pranks with Food

Let’s face it, people do not like their food being touched or messed with. That is why messing with food on April Fools’ Day can be a ton of fun. Here are some food related April Fools’ Day pranks to try this year. 

  • Blue Breakfast: Food dye is rather harmless and creating a breakfast dish that is all blue is easy and fun to do. 
  • Make a Potted Plant Dessert: Have you ever seen an edible potted plant? You can make one with tasty ingredients that will shock your audience. 
  • Frozen Cereal: Nothing will confuse your kids or family more than a bowl of frozen cereal. 
  • Box of Donuts: Have you ever drooled over just seeing the box of donuts? Instead of offering your co-workers a delicious dozen, fill it instead with healthy snacks like carrots and broccoli. 
  • Jiggly Juice: Instead of offering your spouse or children some delicious juice, make it jiggle for an interesting surprise. 
  • Solidify Milk: Nothing is funnier than watching someone try to pour milk into a cup and it doesn’t even move. 
  • Pizza Cake: Make a cake look like pizza and confuse anyone who takes a bite. 
  • Cupcake Dinner: Make a batch of cupcakes that look like a four-course meal. 

April Fools For the Kids

If you have kids that will get a kick out of silly, harmless pranks, then this is the list for you. You will leave your child with giggles, awe and a great story to tell their friends at school.

  • Broccoli Pops: Kids love lollipops, but the look on their face when they open the wrapper to find broccoli instead will be priceless. 
  • Bugs in You Lunch: Add a few plastic spiders and a gummy worm to your child’s lunch for a fun surprise. 
  • Dollar Chase: Put a dollar on a string and watch your child scrabble for a buck. 
  • Disappearing Ink: When your child gets ink on their shirt and it magically disappears, they will be astounded. 
  • Sauce Squirt: Pretending to squirt ketchup or mustard with these joke bottles will be loads of fun. 
  • Marshmallow Picking: It is a sure bet that your kids have never gone marshmallow picking before. 
  • Shoes Galore: Your kid(s) would definitely be perturbed by finding shoes everywhere at home. 

April Fools Pranks for Your Spouse

Are you ready to turn the tables on your significant other? These harmless and fun pranks will have your partner laughing, screaming and possibly seeking revenge very soon. Be ready when one of these comes back at you.

  • Spider Surprise: Spiders scare the bravest, so it is fun to place a few fake ones where your spouse will be shocked. 
  • Spilled Polish: Nail polish spilled on a favorite rug or carpeting is a fun trick.
  • Eyeing You Up: Buy a pack of googly eyes and put them on everything. 
  • Slippery Handle: Take a bit of vaseline and apply it to the next door knob your spouse needs to turn. 
  • Milk Splatter: Imagine your spouse finding splattered milk on their computer!
  • Car For Sale: Imagine putting a for sale sign on your partner’s car and having them take interesting phone calls all day long. 
  • Mess with Phone Settings: Some people go as far as changing the language of a partner’s cell phone. Hope they understand Portuguese. 
  • Move Their Car: Have an extra set of car keys? Go to your spouse’s work and move their car to another spot in the parking lot. 
  • Lunch in a Fun Bag: Offer to drop off lunch for your partner at work and put it in a fun bag like a Victoria’s Secret shopping bag. 
  • Fix the Leak! Pour a little bit of water in front of the toilet or washing machine and ask your spouse to fix the leak. This could lead to hours of confusion. 


April Fools’ Day pranks are best when they are simple, silly and harmless. Most people know not to go too overboard. The pregnancy announcements are becoming too obvious and oftentimes inappropriate. This year, pick something fun that will have your audience groaning in annoyance or your kids giggling without end.