always have a clean car

Looking for how to always have a clean car? If you are like most people, your car is your ticket to freedom and independence. It is the place where you can sing at the top of your lungs without judgement, cruise the open road on a long road trip or escape the daily grind. If your car is your sanctuary, then it might already be consistently clean and shiny. For the rest of us that seem to lack time, focus or have a hoard of kids making a clean car nearly impossible, this one’s for you.

Here is how to always have a clean car (with or without kids giving you a run for your money). 

Take a little bit of trash with you

The biggest take away from always having a clean car is to get into a habit. Once any of these items becomes a habit, having a clean car won’t seem like a chore anymore.
The first habit you can make is to take a little bit of trash with you each time you get out of the car. Whether you are getting out to pump gas, go into a store or go into your house, you can always grab some trash. This prevents trash from piling up and stress from piling on. Always grab an empty water bottle or that handful of used tissues and make a trip to the trash can. It really is that easy. Don’t forget to peek under your seats or in your child’s car seat for wrappers and food items. This little habit will also ensure your car stays on the good smelling side of things. 

Leave only what is necessary in your car

A good clean out of your car is probably necessary at this point. It is also smart to only keep items in your car that are only absolutely necessary. First, this reduces the amount of sheer clutter in your car. It also helps prevent someone from trying to break into your car if they see something of value sticking out.

If you have kids, it is smart to keep things in the car that they might need. For example, a change of clothes, diapers and wipes. However, be reasonable with what you let stay in the car. There’s no need for trash, receipts, bits of paper, etc.

Get your mindset ready for the long haul

It is likely that you use your car daily, so getting into rituals and habits are needed for the long haul. People with clean cars do not panic when things pile up or get messy. Just know that it will happen. Also  know that you can make progress on keeping your car clean with baby steps.

As soon as you accept the fact that your car will get dirty no matter how hard you try, then you really have the hang of it. For example, after a long road trip, you will probably need to make extra time to explore the car for snacks that fell between the seat, fries that got smashed into the floor or drinks that got spilled.

Appreciate this space

Cars that are appreciated, show it. Once you start to appreciate the interior of your car and the independence it brings, then you can really get into better habits. People with clean cars value their investment and desire to take care of it. Your car doesn’t have to be a brand new, top of the line model to put effort into it. Even the family minivan can look pristine. It is completely up to you and the habits you are willing to create.

Get a monthly pass

When all else fails, it doesn’t hurt to invest in a monthly car washing pass. Many places also offer an interior cleaning with the exterior wash. This is a great way to vacuum the car, toss out the trash and clean up any spills. This investment can really help you develop time and the ability to keep your car clean.

Bottom Line

Always keeping a clean car does not have to suck up your time or become a hassle. There are baby steps you can take to keeping your car looking good and sanitary. This might mean you create new habits over time, but the end result will be worth it. If all else fails, invest in a monthly car washing pass to keep your car clean and sparkling.