Affordable Backyard Makeover

Are you in need of an affordable backyard makeover, have no fear. You do not need a huge budget or even super amazing design skills to spruce up your backyard space. What you need is a combo of do-it-yourself (DIY) skills and a few things from this list to create the best outdoor getaway. Here are some great, affordable backyard makeovers.

Outdoor Rugs

An easy way to change the backyard space with zero skills is to pick out an outdoor rug. This can really give the space a pop of color and liven up anything you have going on already. No paint or deck staining required.

Garden Path

Another great way to add some depth and character to your backyard is to add a garden path. There are literally a hundred different ways you can go about this. You can do stone, gravel, concrete pavers, brick or a combination of these and in a variety of ways.

Tree Bench

If you have a nice big tree in your backyard, consider adding a tree bench around it. This one might take some wood pallets, saws and paint, but the outcome can be beautiful and comfy. 

DIY Fountain

A great water feature for your backyard is a simple DIY water fountain. There are many options that can include the use of flowering pots, old watering cans, wine bottles, and so much more. It is awesome to create a project using things that would have otherwise been tossed in the garbage. 

DIY Flower Pots

Flower pots no longer have to be boring. You can extend the creativity beyond what you find on the store shelves. You can repurpose colanders, shoes, rain boots, and chandeliers. Upgrade old pots with twine, burlap, a fresh coat of paint or painted craft sticks. There are a ton of unique and fun ways to put some color and character into your flower pots.

Mood Lighting

For that extra special intimate and inviting feeling, adding some mood lighting to your backyard will do just the trick. You can drape string lights across your pergola, light pathways with solar powered lights, stagger some torches, add some soft light lanterns or outline a garden bed. This little addition will really make you want to use your backyard space all day and all night long.

Fence Mural

Let’s face it, cement walls and other fences are plain and boring. You can spice it up by creating a fun space for a fence mural. If you (or someone you know) have the skills, it can easily be done as DIY. You can also hire a professional to give it the right touch.

Outdoor Dining

Having the perfect outdoor dining space will ensure that you use your backyard more often. You will need a dining table and comfy chairs. There are loads of DIY ways to make your own and put your personal touch on the place you want to share meals with your family. Couple it with that outdoor rug, some pillows for a pop of color and you will be set.

Fire Pits

Very popular and easy to build or buy, fire pits are another great way to makeover your backyard. You may not get to use it much during the hot summer nights, but it will look good regardless. Just add some graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate for a tasty midnight snack over the open flames.


Both kids and adults will appreciate a nice place to swing and relax. No backyard makeover is complete without a hammock. If you do not have two trees to suspend one from, consider buying a hammock stand.

Portable Bar

A super cute piece of outdoor furniture you should consider for your backyard is a portable bar. This will prevent several trips in and out of your home. Instead, you can have a dedicated area for your outdoor utensils, plates, napkins, drinks, etc. Again, this can be a super fun DIY project or you can buy one. You will be able to keep your drinks cold and the conversation uninterrupted.

Lawn Games

Your backyard can be even further spruced up by adding some lawn games. Some fun outdoor games include bocce ball, croquet, ladder golf and bag toss. These games always make the outdoor experience more interesting.


The final touch to any backyard makeover comes with flowers. They are the best to fill in any empty spaces or areas that are drab. Find some great flowers that grow in the desert and your backyard will be in full bloom.

Final Thoughts

A backyard makeover can definitely be done on a budget. There are so many projects that can be DIY and whatever that is left that needs to be bought won’t break the bank. Isn’t it time to give your backyard a little makeover this year?