5 Dream Vacations You Can Afford Now

Are you ready to pack your bags and head to that dream destination that you just can’t get out of your head? Perhaps you are dreaming of catching rays on a beach, cruising on a huge boat or finding an exciting adventure of thrill rides.

It is time to stop dreaming and start planning to go on that dream vacation! Here are 5 dream vacations you can afford now!

Taking a cruise is an amazing escape, and includes so many amenities that you can get away without spending a dime once you board the ship (although it can be hard not to). Imagine access to food 24/7, gourmet dining experiences every single night, entertainment at every corner and lots of time to relax and catch some sun. Does that sound like a dream vacation?

Here’s how to make taking a cruise both a dream and a financial reality!

  • Have flexible availability! The closer you get to the day of departure, the cheaper the cruise will be. This can sound a bit scary, but it just means you have to be flexible on cruise dates and destinations. Some people have reported getting cruises for as little as $30/day using this method.
  • Use a travel agent. Many travel agents actually have access to more discounted cruises and some can even offer onboard ship credits.
  • Once you have your trip booked, you can save even more money by researching the ships rules. Many cruise lines allow you to bring your own water, wine and soda (at a limited rate) which can save quite a chunk of change.

Disneyland Adventure
Are you dreaming of Mickey Mouse and thrill rides? Disneyland can be a dream vacation and it doesn’t have to break the bank. Disney on a budget can be done.

Here are the ways you can create a dream Disney vacation right now:

  • See if you qualify for a Disney credit card. Often times they offer promotions where you can earn credits just for using the card.
  • Flexibility is always key! Often times tickets are discounted during the “off season” which coincides when kids are in school. So if you don’t have kids, great! Go when they’re in school, but if you have kids you may have to sacrifice a few days of their education to score a deal.
  • Snag a hotel off Disney property. It is no surprise the Disney Resort Hotels are pricey! Do some searching to find a hotel nearby and either walk or grab a shuttle to the gate.
  • Pack your own food. The food tab can add up quickly! Bring plenty of snacks and try not to spend too much on food. The same goes for drinks. Disney does allow you to bring in water, so take advantage.


Who doesn’t have a backpacking trip across Europe on their bucket list? It might seem unimaginable, but there are tricks to get that trip whittled down to an affordable price.

If Europe is your dream vacation destination, consider piecing your trip together like this:

  • First, look for flash sales on airfare with sites like Airfasttickets.com or Hotwire.com. Seasonal sales can also be found on AerLingus.com (if Ireland is your thing). Of course it goes without saying, flexibility on your vacation is a must to keep that price low.
  • Next, plan to stay in hostels. Europe is known for hostels and they are definitely a cheap way to travel. Check out staygenerator.com for hostel pricing in and around Europe. Remember, location here is key! Don’t worry where you will put your feet up at night, just enjoy all the sights to be seen.
  • As far as activities go, consider a bus tour to see the city you are in with Contiki. You can explore and save!

African Safari

Ok, can you really afford an African Safari? The answer is, maybe! The key with this vacation is that you just have to know where to look. Travel companies sometimes have sales and some that will include the airfare.

Where can you book an African Safari? Check these out:

The Infamous Staycation!

Who says you have to go anywhere at all to afford a dream vacation? Depending on where you live, you can afford a vacation in your backyard. Ok, so you might need to travel a little and maybe have a lot of imagination, but I can guarantee you that your city or state has something it is known for.

Search for a nearby attraction or city to visit, and make your very own dream vacation. Perhaps there’s a brewery to tour with loads of samples or maybe you are close enough to a beach to layout under the sun. Many people can get creative with their surroundings to feel as though they are on a 5 star vacation of their dreams.

Pro Tip for Vacation Planning

As we head into 2020, there’s some things to keep in mind, especially if you are an Arizona resident. The REAL ID Act will require you to provide a new voluntary travel id when you fly, starting in October 2020.

Get your new voluntary travel id here.

Final Thoughts

It is so fun to dream of going on a vacation, but those dreams can become a reality if you budget and plan it just right. You can penny pinch and plan that ultimate dream vacation right now. Just be sure you are prepared ahead of time with the proper identification for flying or your trip will be grounded.