10 Things to know about Arizona

10 Things Every Arizonan Wants The Rest Of The Country To Know

If you have lived in Arizona for your whole life or long enough to call it home, there are probably some things you want the rest of the country to know. Sometimes people have a very skewed view of the great state of Arizona. There is a lot going on in this beautiful state and everyone should know about it. Below is our list of 10 things every Arizonan wants the rest of the country to know.

It is not just a big, dirty desert

Some people think of Arizona as a big, dirty, dusty brown desert. The truth is, the landscape is very diverse. Yes, there is barren desert, but there is also bright green grass, beautiful palm trees, colorful rock formations, shimmering lakes and the list goes on. Where else can you kayak down a river with wild horses running alongside you, get lost in sprawling forests, play in the snow and bake in the sun all in the same region?

The pictures are spot on

When you see a picture of the Grand Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, striking sunsets, etc. the pictures do not lie. The scenery and all the sights are as breathtaking as you can imagine. There are no let downs when you see it all in person.

There are cute small towns

Arizona is not all Phoenix or Tucson. There is so much more to the state when it comes to small towns. The state is full of cute, quaint towns that are full of history and tourism. Some of the smaller towns that you have to visit include:

Jerome: This is the place to visit a real ghost town, check out funky art, tour a winery or just walk along the quiet streets of the town and support the local businesses.

Tombstone: Notorious for being the last frontier boomtowns of the American Old West, this little town will take you back to the times of good old fashioned gunfights, mining for silver and saloons.

Greer: Located in the White Mountains, Greer is a beautiful, unincorporated community. It lies near the lakes of the Little Colorado River and very popular in the winter for skiing.

Camp Verde: This small town has tons of annual festivals and events for the whole family to enjoy. The town is also filled with tons of history with regard to Native Americans and the Apache Wars. A big hit with many visitors is the Out of Africa Wildlife Park.

Other towns to visit include Bisbee, Flagstaff, Payson, Summerhaven, Willams and Winslow.

You will need the sunscreen

There are very few days in Arizona without sunshine and many days that require that extra protection. We average 300 days of sunshine per year! The sun is hot here and forgetting the sunscreen is not a good idea. Lather up if you intend to be anywhere near the sun.

It’s a dry heat

In the summer it gets brutally hot. However, it definitely starts as a dry heat. That is until the monsoons hit. Then it is hot and humid. Be sure your a/c works and you always bring plenty of water with you wherever you go.

You might need a coat if you go north

Not every place in Arizona is scorching hot 24/7. Just head north to cool off. In the right months, you will also need a jacket. You might also need a hat and gloves too. It does snow in part of Arizona and there is plenty of winter activities to enjoy.

Arizona Snowbowl: A 2-3 hour drive north of Phoenix will bring you to snow in the winter. The San Francisco Peaks of Arizona are home to the ski resort, Arizona Snowbowl. Enjoy 5 ski lifts, 40 runs and over 700 skiable acres.

Sunrise Park Resort: The largest ski resort in Arizona with 65 runs, this resort is operated by the White Mountain Apache Tribe.

Mount Lemmon Ski Valley: The southernmost ski resort in all of America, this resort offers 18 ski trails as part of the Catalina Mountains.

The Wild West is all dried up

The days of Wild West gunfights, trading posts, panning for gold and outlaws is long gone. However, there are many attractions across the state that represent all of the history of the Wild West. Some of the best places to catch a glimpse of history include:


Gammons Gulch

Goldfield Ghost Town



Native plants are very important and special


Removal of certain native plants, like the saguaro, is illegal. Be careful about touching and disturbing certain plants in Arizona.

Know what you are doing when you go hiking here

It is inevitable, but each year many people are rescued off the mountains. Always have enough water and know the trail you are hiking. Some trails in the heart of Phoenix can be the most treacherous.


Don’t hug cacti


Apparently people are hugging cacti. Who knew? And, just don’t.